Mitz (Merstress):  Neon Burgundy
Polly Ann: Labanna Babalon
Dr. Sturgeon: Ratty Scurvics
Ms. Crusta: Matthew Chandelier
Arlington Lobrano: Ashley Teamer
Marlon Jeanette:  xavier juarez
Rainbow: Nari Tomassetti
Pesca: Meschiya Lake

Lexie/ Albacore Dysphoria: Zibby Jahns
Winnie/ Sirena Scampy: Sam Springston
Chantilly/ Yellowtail Showers: Ali Total Twit
New Hope/ Madame Leviathan: Ira Crockett
Antietam/ Moby Lick: Local Honey
Harpoona Clam: Renee Anderson
Johns: Nicole Otilia, Pi Palomo, Peter Dolan, and Ross Ritchey

The Band (aka Pesca and her Tiny Bubbles)
Meschiya Lake – vocals
David Hull – keyboard
Jason Jurzak – bass
Rusty Lazer – drums
Russell Welch – guitar

Writing and Direction
Zibby Jahns (co-director, casting, story)
Jason Jurzak (music director)
Ellery Neon (co-writer, assistant director, casting)
Tallulah St. James (choreography)
Jeff Stark (co-writer, co-director)
Costumes and Make Up
Arielle Avenia
Alita Edgar (lead costume)
Jami Girouard (costume and make up)
Sarah McMillan
Erin Meyer
Ellery Neon (makeup concept)
Elizabeth Seleen
Tallulah St. James (lead hair and makeup)
Eleanor Bernstein (stage manager)
Black Forest Fancies (executive producer)
Sara Brown (photos)
Alita Edgar (lead producer)
Jami Girouard (bar)
Ellery Neon (producer)
Chris Lane (volunteer coordinator)
Steven Richardson (sound and lighting)
Susan Sakash (press)
Michael Arcos
Jade Brandt (lead fabricator)
Paul Calder
Sarrah Danziger and Alanna Maureen Geare
Zibby Jahns and Jeff Stark
Chris Lane
Courtney Lane
Ellery Neon
Nina Nichols (tank)
Jesse Roadkill (lead installations)
Andrew Schrock
Josh Short
Chelsea Wagner
With Patrick Wolf, CJ, Lucas What What, Jackie Groves, Bruno Tarazona, and Monica Canilao.
Front of House
Nathan Cassiani
Lester Desaster
Elyse Manning
Akrum Salem
Alice McGillicuddy
Julian Wellisz
Supported by PORT, Joahn and Pamala, Arts Council of New Orleans, Louisiana Division of the Arts, Royal Artists, and Yaddo.