The creators of Splish have received critical acclaim with past productions including The Dreary Coast and The Sweet Cheat (Jeff Stark and Shadow Parks Department, NYC), The Music Box (Airlift New Orleans), and The Vanities of the Poor (Black Forest Fancies, Louisiana/Spain/France).

The built environment of Splish is the collective vision of veteran installation artists, both homegrown, and from around the country.  For inspiration, they draw from roadside tourist attractions like Florida’s Weeki Wachee Springs, as well as monster movies of the 1960s and 1970s. Splish uses the archaic form of the masque, a grand spectacle where the live audience is invited to interact directly with the costumes, scenery and story as it unfolds.

Once hooked, anything goes….

All casting is gender nonspecific. Performers include New Orleans drag phenom Neon Burgundy and theater man human Ratty Scurvics; original live compositions will be performed by a house band led by Meschiya Lake. Original script is co-written by Ellery Neon and Jeff Stark.